Promoting female talent in the field of tech & innovation.
We're hosting regular events with high-profile partners about various topics related to the startup scene


Not even one third of board members at publicly listed companies in Europe are female.

Only 18% of Senior Executives are women. 


With women in leadership, companies achieve 53% greater return sales.

Women in leadership positions also attract additional female talent.

Keeping it meaningful

One thing of very high importance at Female Founders is that we don’t simply do partnerships, we make meaningful connections. This means that we love to collaborate on a deeper and more sustainable and more authentic level. That also means we work with people who support our mission, and align with our values.  

becoming a resilient
& confident leader

  • Do you want to develop future-oriented leadership skills that will help you to gain the mindset of an entrepreneur?
  • Do you want to work on your personal growth to maximize your potential as a female leader?
  • Do you want to expand your network with peers and C-level experts from Europe’s leading startups?


90% of our leadership accelerator alumni state that they feel significantly more confident in their leadership & personal skills.
“The program helps me carve out space to slow down for a few hours each week + offers lots of new ideas through the readings and the weekly sessions. I enjoy building a wider network of wonderful entrepreneurial women, too!” – Wendy van Leeuwen, SecretCityTrails

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Collaborating with top class companies

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