How we took Grow F digital

It’s hard to believe how quickly COVID-19 turned our lives upside down. At Female Founders, we are committed to the acceleration program we promised to deliver to our founders, so we have made the switch to the digital world. Instead of meeting for three full days each month in Vienna, we have changed our schedule to a couple hours a day more regularly as we know that attention spans are generally shorter online. As a result of our new schedule, we can all say we socialized and did something productive nearly every day! 

While Grow F was not originally meant to be completely digital, there are some newfound perks. For instance, we have more international experts consulting than in the past and are working more efficiently in our shorter sessions. The best part of the switch to the digital program is our wardrobe though! Not very many people get to wear sweatpants in professional settings, but we do!

Have a look at our amazing Batch 3 startups:

Blazar | HealthTech | France | Dora Sabino

Blazar is a software platform, AI-enabled, that predicts cancer immunotherapy response and clinical data management.

Dime Digital | SaaS | UK | Khaleelah Jones

Dime digital is a SaaS tool that automates branding and social media marketing for micro and small businesses that are interested in finding their voices and sharing their messages online without breaking the bank.

Impactory | Impact Marketplace | Austria | Elke Pichler

Impactory offers a donation platform with a focus on companies that want to make their CSR more interactive, digital and measurable. The non-profit-organizations benefit from more donations and visibility.

Omini | HealthTech | France | Joanne Kanaan

Biosensing devices for immediate blood tests at the patient bedside. Ominis vision is to use patented sensor technology to develop a new generation of portable blood tests to monitor patients with chronic diseases and improve their medical journey.

Rebel Meat | Food & Beverages | Austria | Cornelia Habacher & Philipp Stangl

Rebel Meat creates delicious and sustainable blended meat products, that will reduce meat consumption and set the stage for clean meat.

Renoon | FashionTech | Netherlands | Iris Skrami

Renoon empowers shoppers to combine their love for Fashion and Planet by helping them find options that best fit their style and contribute to positive changes they want to see in the world. Renoon is a data company on a mission to change Fashion for a sustainable future. | SaaS | Austria | Victoria Dejaco & Benjamin Novak

Effortless art archiving for the generation Z. Target clients are museums, institutional collectors and private art lovers.

SuitApp | SaaS | Singapore | Elena Laktionova

AI based ‘complete the outfit’ recommendation service for fashion retail which increases customer retention & engagement and results in higher revenue.

UP’N’CHANGE | SaaS | Austria | Gabriele Lang & Barbara Joshua

UP’N’CHANGE is an online platform with digital solutions when stress occurs in business life: digital coaching available 24/7, affordable, time efficient and discreet. Easy help for anyone in need. Change to success with UP’N’CHANGE.

Yes, we are in a turbulent time. Yes, it can be uncomfortable speaking up on a noisy call, but we are coming together to grow! Watch out for our online Demo Day and keep striving towards those goals!

Your Female Founders Team

We are already scouting Batch #4 for our startup accelerator Grow F – that will take place from October 2020 to January 2021. APPLY NOW!