Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. 2021

Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. 2021 is Europe’s biggest online event honoring International Women’s Day, hosted by Female Founders.
The annual flagship event, brought to you by the fastest growing community for female entrepreneurial minds in Europe, is entering its third round. 

What you can expect:
LTST 2021 is all about thinking big. For the first time, we are going international in a full week of online program, dealing with the topic gender equality & female empowerment. Be prepared for 4 days of gripping & inspiring socio-political discourses. The program will highlight some of the gender-specific problems, women are forced to encounter in their daily personal- and work life. The various formats are designed to elaborate the fact that women are the key to a more sustainable future on a deeper level. 

The goal of the event:
The specific goal is to demonstrate why women are going to be leaders of change in the unstable, fast-changing & challenging world of today and why therefore especially female leadership – in different areas – is more urgent and important than ever. In addition to inspiring and empowering the participants, established structures and thought patterns are to be broken down in the different interactive formats and new, future-oriented ideas are to be generated. We want every participant to realize some of the gendered (and tragic) „normalities“ in our world – and encourage & empower them to make a change.

Target Audience:
This event represents diversity in every aspect, starting with the people it is featuring & targeting: LTST 2021 unites people from different backgrounds, cultures, educational settings and of all genders & identities. Every item on the agenda is to be covered by speakers & participants from different countries, industries & work environments. We want to empower people from all horizons to tackle today‘s challenges and create a better future.

Focus Topics:
The 7 Focus Topics that are going to be highlighted during LTST 2021 are: 

  • Arts & Culture
  • Digitalization
  • Health
  • Money
  • Politics & Society
  • Sustainability 
  • Science & Technology

When looking at the bigger picture – gender equality & female empowerment – all of these topics need to be addressed, analyzed, and – in some areas – transformed. For a more detailed prospect, as well as some of the shocking statistics on why we chose these 7 subject areas, check out our website.  

Why you should join:
Well – the question is: Why shouldn’t you? LTST 2021 ist the first weeklong online-conference, with focus on female empowerment & gender equality within a pan-European ecosystem. The event gives participants the opportunity to meet & exchange with stakeholders from different industries including corporate businesses, NGOs and political representatives. The main focus lies on socio-political discourses & the diversity of speakers & participants. If you are hoping to tackle personal problems in order to create solutions that fit the majority, want to become a leader of change, and consider yourself an entrepreneurial mind – or are on the verge of becoming one – this conference is the one for you.

Find more infos on our LTST website, and sign-up here to receive all updates on the registration details & agenda!