We are already preparing and collecting applications for the 5th cohort of Lead F – the Leadership accelerator for women. Our 3 month program is focused on female leaders becoming more resilient and confident while building an entrepreneurial mindset. Within this program we push participants to think outside of the box and connect them with successful entrepreneurs and C-level experts from different countries, cultures and industries, each with their own unique perspective.

If you are thinking about applying to Lead F but still have some questions the Lead F FAQ page is the perfect place to start! If you still have questions after reading this article, you can always reach out to Amelia, our head of Lead F, she is always happy to hear from people who are interested in the program: amelia@female-founders.org


How many women participate in one cohort? 

An important key component of a successful leadership accelerator is always the participants. We try to integrate as many ambitious and inspiring women as possible. At the same time we also try to keep the number of participants low enough to make sure the group can build meaningful connections and relationships and that everyone has the opportunity to exchange ideas. After a few batches we have found the perfect number of participants is between 20-25 women.

How does the selection process work? 

We go through all of the applications and see who will fit in the program. On the one hand, we are aiming for women who are ambitious, want to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and match the program goal. On the other hand, we try to get an even mix of startup founders, startup employees and corporate employees to make sure we have a diverse group of participants from different industries, backgrounds and countries, which allows us to learn from each other. If you seem to be a fit, we reach out to you and schedule an interview to make sure we get to know you in person and you get the possibility to ask all your outstanding questions about Lead F and us. If your goals and expectations fit with Lead F we will inform you about your spot. 

What kind of content are we going to cover during the program?

During the program we focus on one topic per week. The first half of the program focuses on you as an individual, because in order to be a good leader you have to understand yourself first. Content includes personal branding, mindful success strategies and more. In the second half of the program we move onto how we can better interact with our stakeholders and teams. Content includes how to negotiate, effective communication, and how to lead a team.. 

What do the sessions look like?

We meet once a week for 2 hours via Zoom. The first half of the session will be a presentation from one of our subject matter experts and a Q&A session. The second half of the sessions are used for hands-on workshops and discussion tables to learn how to implement what was just talked about into real life work and management situations.

Do I have support and mentoring during the program outside of the weekly sessions?

Yes! We will be sending you additional resources and a reading list for each topic every week. We have a buddy system during the program, meaning all of the participants will get partnered up with one another. This way everyone has someone to talk to in between sessions, repeat the topics discussed, share insights and experiences, give each other advice etc. You also get 1:1 mentoring sessions with us during the program.

What happens after the 3 months when the program is over?

Your journey with us won’t be over after those three months! The story will have just begun. We know, those three months are quite intense and you won’t be able to implement everything you learned without any issues into your daily work routine right away. Therefore we will pair you with a mentor from our community, who will help you reach your goals, to make sure you will continue your progress after the accelerator ends. You also get access to the full Female Founders network and alumni events for life. We will keep you updated with our monthly Lead F alumni Newsletter.

What will I get out of this program?

When you complete Lead F, you receive lifelong access to the whole Female Founders Community – a group of amazing and ambitious women, you will expand your network, become more confident and resilient in your leadership position and gain new tools in your leadership toolkit. After each batch, our participants speak about the amazing transformational change that has happened throughout the program, and how thankful they are for the great group of inspiring and entrepreneurial women.

Why did you start Lead F?

We started the Leadership Accelerator Lead F together with our Startup Accelerator Grow F. The idea was to bring together women from the startup world and women from the corporate world, and together with hands-on workshops to ensure that they can learn from each other.

Why is the program online?

Initially Lead F was in person so the participants were obviously women in leadership positions based in Vienna. At the beginning of last year, the corona pandemic hit. Batch #3 should have started in person in April 2020, but it was clear that this would not be possible. We then considered whether we should cancel, postpone or change the batch. We figured to make our decision based on Female Founders values – to be pan-european and innovative. So we switched the program fully digital in a very short time and when Batch #4 started ½ year later, we already had participants from all over europe.

Hard Facts About the Upcoming Batch #5

The fall-cohort will start on September 28th, we will meet every Tuesday 6-8pm CET on Zoom. We will cover following topics in the next batch: 

There is also something new coming up this batch, we decided to introduce 2-3 Mini Sessions in workshop style during the program. They will take place at the beginning of the batch, lasting for 1h each and be probably in the morning and during lunch (depending on the availability of the group).

Want to know more about the upcoming Batch #5? download our 1-pager here.

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