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Leadership Accelerator for Female Entrepreneurial Minds that Shape the World of Tomorrow.

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We help female employees to become entrepreneurial leaders. Our program unites everything you need to manage teams and organizations in this fast-changing world: deep-dive sessions with C-level startup executives, access to a resource base to foster your entrepreneurial mindset and insights into different industries.

Plus: access to Europe’s fastest-growing community for female entrepreneurial minds  that shape the world of tomorrow. 

What it is

Our vision is to re-shape economy and society by fostering female entrepreneurial minds. For us, entrepreneurship is not necessarily about starting or running a business. It’s a state of mind, a principle of life and an approach to dealing with problems. It’s about being a leader and about making an impact. That is why Lead F aims to inspire and support female leaders in developing their entrepreneurial mindsets and preparing tomorrow’s female managers for profound changes in the world of work, especially due to COVID-19. 

Pan-European Network

Join the accelerator and expand your network by connecting with peers. Above all, become part of the fastest-growing community for female entrepreneurial minds.

Leadership Skills

Get inspired and foster your entrepreneurial mindset. We help you to boost your entrepreneurial leadership skills to the next level. Plus: you will grow on a personal level.

Industry Agnostic

We push you to think out of the box and connect you with successful entrepreneurs and C-level experts from different countries, cultures and industries, each with their own unique perspective.

Speakers from Europe's leading Startups

Be prepared for multiple deep dives with experts from unicorns & soonicorns as well as high-profile speakers from Europe’s leading startups.

Start of the next Batch: March 2022

Lead F Brochure

If you are thinking about applying, make sure to download the Brochure below, in order to find out how exactly Lead F promotes female talent in tech & innovation, and how it will bring your leadership skills to the next level.

Download here

What it means to be an Entrepreneurial Leader in 2021

Grab your free copy of the “Entrepreneurial Leadership Case Study 2021”  curated by 24 entrepreneurial women!

 Being an entrepreneurial leader doesn’t necessarily mean you run your own company or have raised millions of euros. Anyone can be an entrepreneurial leader with the right mindset and values. Our last lead F batch voted on the top traits all entrepreneurial leaders should have. Check out the Case Study below for more information.

Benefits for you as a Participant:

You will develop future-oriented leadership skills that will help you to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur

You will work on your personal growth to maximize your potential as a female leader, which is needed more than ever in times of COVID-19

You will expand your network with peers and C-level experts from Europe’s leading startups

Benefits for the Company:

You will enable a work environment where employees have top-notch entrepreneurial leadership skills, which is especially important in a post COVID world

You will boost branding and recruitment initiatives to attract and retain female talent

You will get support in promoting a female talent pipeline to increase the share of female C-level executives

The timeline is subject to change and will be finalized once confirmation is received.

  • Session #1

    Kick-off: “Aligning mindset & intentions” 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Session #2

    Deep Dive: “Visions and Strategies for the Future” 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Session #3

    Deep Dive: “Mindful Success Strategies” 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Session #4

    Deep Dive “Personal Branding” 6:00-8:00pm  

  • Session #5

    Deep Dive: “Cycle Awareness” 6:00-8:00pm

  • Session #6

    Deep Dive: “Coaching Approach: Managing Yourself & Your Team” 6:00-8:00pm

  • Session #7

    Deep Dive: “The Art of Making Mistakes” 6:00-8:00pm

  • Session #8

    Deep Dive: “Team Communication” 6:00-8:00pm

  • Session #9

    Deep Dive: “Negotiation in Action/Influencing” 6:00-8:00pm

  • Session #10

    Deep Dive “Building & Leading Successful Teams” 6:00-8:00pm      

Join us if you are

Experienced Leader

You should have at least 3 years of experience in the field of Digitalization or Innovation

Future & Industry Shaping

You should be curious about shaping the future & your industry and want to make an impact

Entrepreneurial Mind

You should be interested in the way entrepreneurs think and act & be ready to work hands-on

Believer in what we do

You should believe in our vision, understand our beliefs and share our values

Get in touch with Amelia for more information

Reimbursement from your employer

Your participation in Lead F benefits your personal and professional development, so you may want to share the program with your employer. Your company may have a budget for extra education that you can use. Additionally, if you book at the corporate employee price, your participation in Lead F  is guaranteed and your employer has additional perks. When booking several places, we also offer certain discounts to companies. The booking is made via email to amelia@female-founders.org.

You are also welcome to contact us by email if you need further information for your company.

If you prefer to pay privately, register via the application form and we will get back to you. (participation not guaranteed due to capacity reasons).

“The program helps me carve out space to slow down for a few hours each week + offers lots of new ideas through the readings and the weekly sessions. I enjoy building a wider network of wonderful business/entrepreneurial women, too!” 

Wendy van Leeuwen | SecretCityTrails 

“Lead F is just great. I developed a lot personally through the program. The given information is very practical and can be applied directly to my business. But the best thing is the networking because I met so many inspiring women.” 

Anna Pribil | ClimateChangeConsulting


Lead F connects its participants with some of Europe’s most innovative minds. Be prepared for multiple deep dives with experts from unicorns & soonicorns as well as high-profile speakers from Europe’s leading startups.


Bitpanda |
Head of HR


Timeular |


Female Founders |
Co-Founder & CEO




SOS Children’s Villages Austria | Managing Director


Type R Partners | 
Founder & CEO


Oatly | Sustainable Eating & Public Affairs


TourRadar |


Personal Branding

Dorothea von

Volate |


Konsultori |


Female Founders |
Co-Founder & COO


BMW Wien |
Managing Director

Bettina Glatz-Kremnser

Casinos Austria |
Head of the Board


eBay |
Director B2B


Austro Control | Managing Director


Head of Sales |
Wiener Börse AG


Vice Rector |
WU Wien


EY Law |


General Manager |
Microsoft Österreich


Zurich Austria |

The content is based on the reference framework by the European Commission 

We work with this framework called EntreComp published by the European Commission. It is a comprehensive and flexible reference framework for the understanding and development of entrepreneurship as a competence. The framework perfectly aligns with the vision of our Lead F accelerator, which is building a Pan-European network of leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Since 2016, EntreComp has become a key tool in creating a European entrepreneurial society. It creates a shared understanding of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that make up what it means to be entrepreneurial – discovering and acting upon opportunities and ideas, and transforming them into social, cultural, or financial value or others.


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