How We Are Sourcing the Startups We Are Working With

Grow F 

Our Grow F program is one of the top-ranked startup accelerators for female founders in Europe. The program is designed to provide female-led ventures with the tools they need to become investor-ready. Over the course of three months, participants will take part in sessions by industry experts, receive individual support from a personal mentor, and gain access to Europe’s most successful early-stage investors. Grow F looks for startups with innovative digital and or scaleable ideas, at least one female founding member, an existing MVP, and an eagerness to learn about the fundraising process and taking on investors. Click here to find out exactly who our industry experts and personal mentors are. 

Application Selection Process

We received approximately 200 applications for round four of Grow F. To be considered for the program, candidates send us basic info on their startups, a pitch deck, and a two-minute video to tell us about themselves and the product or prototype they have developed. 

At this point in the process, we asked our jury for some help and advice. This panel is composed of individuals located across Europe that are all a part of our investor network.

In order to sift through the initial applications, our jury ranked each potential startup using a standardised criteria list: 

  • team
  • market size
  • degree of innovation
  • scalability
  • traction achieved
  • impact

Thanks to the work of this awesome panel the 200 applicants were narrowed down to a shortlist of 40. After having a video call with each one of them, the final 10 startups who will participate in Grow F were chosen. We are extremely grateful to each member of this jury for their help in the Grow F process so far. 


We were blown away by the diversity in the applications we received this round. Out of the 200 potential candidates, there were startups representing over 13 different industries coming from 14 countries across Europe, as well as a few from North America, Africa and Australia. 

We are so happy to learn we have such a far reach and owe a huge thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word about Female Founders! Being able to report this type of dealflow to investors and VCs is huge for the program as a whole and individual participants.

What’s Next

With the fourth batch of Grow F participants finalised it’s time to get the program started. The first event is an online kickoff session on October 20th where everyone will get to know each other and commence the journey together! We can’t wait to get going and are excited to see the growth that happens over these next three months. 

Think your startup could be a good fit for Grow F? Apply here for Batch 5!

Are you an investor of VC and want to know even more about our dealflow or have any other questions? Contact us for more info. 

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