Recap: Demo Day – Grow F #5

About Female Founders: 

We believe that – in a world facing more challenges than ever – today’s economy and society are forced to change, and that entrepreneurship will play a crucial role in this transformation, just like women.

For us, entrepreneurship is not necessarily about starting or running a business. It’s a state of mind, a principle of life and an approach to dealing with problems. If you have any questions or want to know more about the fastest growing community of female entrepreneurial minds in Europe, reach out to hi@female-founders.org

Demo Day:

The top early stage female-led Startups from Europe graduated from the Female Founders accelerator that supports them on their way to investment readiness. Find their pitches and contact information below. You have questions or want to connect with the program?

Reach out to growf@female-founders.org


HR & Talent | Austria | www.audvice.com

Audvice helps businesses to manage knowledge smarter with the power of audio. It’s a B2B SaaS tool that has been adopted by Fortune500 companies to capture essential know-how within the company and facilitate learning & development.


Insurtech | United Kingdom | www.husmus.net 

Husmus is landlord and tenant insurance but not as you know it. We provide insurance to cover rent deposits, pet and people damage, unpaid rent and home emergencies. What makes us really unique is that our premiums are priced by individual user behaviour so that the best behaved get the cheapest premiums! Husmus insurance gives landlords the confidence to accept tenants regardless of their lifestyle choices. The social impact is that all tenants, especially the historically overlooked, can more easily access homes and benefit from a 90% reduction of their upfront moving costs.

Metta Space

Enterprise Software | Spain | www.metta-space.com

Metta Space is a B2B platform that helps companies tackle sexual harassment. To accomplish our mission we provide companies with a reporting app for employees to report any type of workplace misconduct (in compliance with the EU Directive 2019/1937), a case management system for the company to have an overview and resolve reports and lastly an NLP algorithm to detect written harassment in real time in workplace communications. In contrast to our competitors we provide a data-driven, proactive and preventative approach in order help both employees and company as a whole.


HR & Talent | United Kingdom |  www.joinrize.com

Rize is an audio professional network for easy insight exchange. We make it easy to create insightful content through bite-size voice, to amplify the reach and impact of what you create, and to access voices that you might not otherwise have heard.

Sanno Health

HealthTech | United Kingdom | www.sanno.health

Sanno is your gut health advisor that combines science with data to personalise clinical and nutrition advice. The app guides users throughout their gut health journey, from pre-diagnosis, to access to gut experts and treatments. Sanno is a clinical app with protocols developed by the University of Oxford, amongst other leading institutions. The app is currently in private beta in iOS and Android. Sign up on www.sanno.health.

Witty Works

Enterprise Software | Switzerland | www.witty.works

With our highly specialised team we build a B2B SaaS in CommTech that unlocks high performance teams with inclusive language. Our solution detects unconscious stereotypes in communication thanks to a de-biased language AI. And it enables companies to consistently apply inclusive language and easily disseminate corporate language rules in an automated manner.

gnista.io / campfire solutions

GreenTech, Energy & IoT | Austria | www.gnista.io

gnista.io empowers energy managers to use their IoT Data in order to save ressources in the industry. gnista.io bridges the gap between engineers and IoT Data to improve production proccesses sustainably. With gnista.io energy managers can directly access, analyse and find improvements in their companies data. Our AI helps to dig deeper and find new measures every day. With gnista.io energy management becomes a team effort! Just what we need in order to tackle the climate crisis.

Leevi Health

HealthTech | Germany |  https://products.leevi-health.com/

Leevi presents a health and sleep monitoring bracelet for infants that helps parents to better understand the needs of their babies. It provides a complete data-driven picture of all relevant vital parameters from the body and its surroundings at a glance in the leevi app, giving guidance and assurance to parents. We will disrupt a 75 billion $ market of more and more tech-savvy parents by lifting baby monitoring to its technological next level.

AMB Technology

Enterprise Software | Austria | www.amb-technology.ai

We are Technology Enablers. Our perceiving platform for Human-Centric AI enables hardware and software independent solutions behind any existing camera. Without us, there is no digital intelligent eye for humans. With us technology enfolds around people.