Demo Day – Grow F #4

About Female Founders: 

We believe that – in a world facing more challenges than ever – today’s economy and society are forced to change, and that entrepreneurship will play a crucial role in this transformation, just like women.

For us, entrepreneurship is not necessarily about starting or running a business. It’s a state of mind, a principle of life and an approach to dealing with problems. If you have any questions or want to know more about the fastest growing community for female entrepreneurial minds in Europe, reach out to

Demo Day:

The top 10 early stage female-led Startups from 5 countries graduated from the Female Founders accelerator that supports them on their way to investment readiness. Find their pitches and contact information below. You have questions or want to connect with the program?

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Enterprise SaaS | France | 

Codist helps to understand complex codes faster and automise source codes. They explain in natural language and graphically what any piece of code is doing.


ClimateTech | Germany | 

Cozero is a Berlin-based ClimateTech startup that transforms every company to a low-emission business. The SaaS offers a fully digital Carbon Action Platform (CAP) to track, forecast and manage corporate emission data and most effectively match them to low-emission solutions on the market to reduce the carbon footprint. By optimizing the RoCI – Return on Carbon Investment – for every company, Cozero translates sustainability into a KPI-driven management topic.


Media & Content | Germany | 

FamilyPunk is the digital companion that helps parents with the tough stuff that comes with raising kids. We curate our content from the world’s top parenting experts and deliver it in bite-sized audio sessions that address real challenges. Our business model is a B2C membership model, we are launching V1 of the audio platform in Q1/21 and are currently raising our first financing round.


Media & Content | USA | 

Filmocracy is a gamified video streaming service that incentivizes users to watch, rate, and invest in independent films. What is more they are an event partner for independent movie festivals.


Enterprise SaaS | Norway |

We think software developers should have tools that help them work at their best. That’s why we’ve created Kubed, a B2B SaaS making developers more efficient. Kubed is a CI/CD tool that encourages best practice, and streamlines collaboration between technical and business focussed team members.


Consumer | UK |

LITTLEWINE is a wine experience platform that connects winemakers & consumers through digital content mediums, incl. video, audio, photos, 360°, and eventually, virtual reality. LITTLEWINE’s vision is to make discovering winemakers as fun and seamless as exploring new bands on Spotify, or finding out about your favourite artist on Artsy, to democratize the intimidating world of wine.

Nossa Data 

ClimateTech | UK | 

Companies that fail to meet investors expectations on ESG risk losing access to capital markets. Nossa Data provides companies with an ESG hub that improves the quality and reduces the time it takes them to create their ESG disclosures. Companies can use Nossa Data to report to the top ESG frameworks, collect data and get peer analytics.

Pointless Travel

ClimateTech | Germany | 

Misaligned priorities of employer and employee define business travel today: While the employer wants to save costs and reduce CO2 emissions, employees are allured by hotels’ and airlines’ loyalty bonuses into spending more than necessary. The Pointless Travel software rewards business travelers when they help to achieve cost as well as carbon emission savings.


Consumer | Germany | 

SACLÀB is a marketplace for pre-owned luxury handbags and waiting-list collectables. They buy, sell and refurbish handbags and reach a GMV of over €1MIO/year.

The Story Market 

Media & Content | Germany | 

The Story Market is an international online marketplace for journalists and stories. The Munich based startups uses artificial intelligence and data science to find perfectly matching stories and candidates from millions of foreign-language articles and ten thousands of freelance journalists. With just a few clicks, editors can then license texts through The Story Market, have them translated, or hire a journalist for their own projects.