Female Founders is one of the European market leaders for women in tech & innovation. We work with startups, investors & corporates who believe in the power of gender-diversity
Providing access to funding for female founders in tech and innovation.
Promoting female talent in the field of tech & innovation.

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The lack of women in tech & innovation is omnipresent. From the startup world to the investment industry, to innovative corporations, there are simply not enough women in decision making positions. At Female Founders we strongly believe that tech should be created FOR everyone and that is why it needs to be created BY a diverse group of people. Creating an equal future with equal opportunities for everyone, is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

And we need to solve this challenge. Now.

women + entrepreneurship 

= an equal future.

Looking at the tech & innovation industry today, there are 2 big pain points. Number One: the lack of funding for gender-diverse teams. Number Two: the general lack of female talent.  That is why all of our products focus on providing access to funding for female-led ventures, so that they can grow industry-leading tech companies & promoting female talent across the tech and innovation industry so that they become today’s decision makers.

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  • Do you want to foster diversity in-house?
  • Do you want to develop a framework for successful startup-driven innovation?
  • Do you want to boost your company’s performance?
  • Do you want to boost branding and recruitment initiatives to attract and retain female talent?


  • Do you want to raise money but don’t know how?
  • Do you want to get access to Europe’s top angel investors and VC funds? 
  • Do you want to grow your team and want to boost your leadership skills?
  • Do you want to balance all facets of life?

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  • Do you want to diversify your portfolio? 
  • Do you want to invest in Europe’s most promising female-led startups?
  • Do you want to make sure to support the female founders in your portfolio along their entrepreneurial journey? 
  • Do you want to collaborate with us on a deeper and more meaningful level, in order to further close the funding gap for female founders? 

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  • Do you want to learn how to become a resilient and confident leader? 
  • Do you want to develop future-oriented leadership skills that will help you to gain the mindset of an entrepreneur?
  • Do you want to receive all of the latest and hottest job offers in the tech & innovation industry?
  • Do you want to meet other like minded people who face similar challenges and share the same interests?

Meet the Team

We are the team behind Europe’s fastest growing community of entrepreneurial women. Together we make sure to take active action in order to provide access to funding for female founders and to promote female talent in tech & innovation. Our headquarters are located in Vienna, which also happens to be Europe’s hub for female entrepreneurship. One of the things we like most about our jobs is making meaningful connections, so if you are a female founder, investor, or work for a corporate, we would love to get in touch! 

Grow F by Female Founders is one of Europe’s hightest ranked accelerators for female founders.


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