About Female Founders: 

Female Founders is the European market leader in driving gender diversity in tech and innovation, reaching over 45k people across Europe. We work with startups, investors and corporates who believe in creating an equal future through providing equal opportunities for everyone.

If you have any questions or want to know how you can join us on our mission to create equal opportunities for entrepreneurial women in the European tech and innovation ecosystem, reach out to hi@female-founders.org

Demo Day:

The top early-stage female-led Startups from Europe completed our 3-month investment readiness accelerator – Grow F. Find their pitches and contact information below. Do you have questions or want to be involved in the program?

Reach out to: hi@female-founders.org


Enterprise Software | United Kingdom | www.adadot.com

Adadot is an analytics tool that helps developers improve their performance and wellbeing by analysing productivity and collaboration data. The fitness tracker for work. Rooted in Science.


Emergency Services/ Lifesaving | Poland | astrotectonic.com 

Astrotectonic is an earthquake prediction web tool. The system is based on AI multichannel approach which unifies many physical phenomena that are used as earthquake precursors into a single platform and by doing so offers the best possible earthquake prediction capability.

The Newsroom

News/ Media | Portugal | thenewsroom.ai

The Newsroom fights misinformation and promotes plurality online through explainable AI, transparency, and context. It empowers users with a transparent news assessment, as well as access to trustworthy, easily digestible, and actionable information.


Legal Technology | Germany | www.legalai.io

LegalAI empowers consumers to enforce their legal rights using AI. The solution performs case outcome prediction, identification of similar cases, and legal document generation. LegalAI enforces your legal claims with no-cost risks and is completely performance-based, thereby, democratising access to legal justice.


Female Health Tech/Marketplace | Germany | infavher.com

infavher is a multi-brand marketplace for female well-being innovations. As a trusted companion, we support women to understand their symptoms and identify the right product for their needs.


B2C/Mental Health | Germany | www.hellodearest.io

Dearest helps millennials to build healthier relationships. Their app combines preventive talking therapy with evidence-based learning content. Their approach is deeply rooted in the belief that psychological theory and tools should be made accessible and understandable for everyone.


DeepTech | Germany | aimino.de

87% of AI projects stop before delivering business values because of errors in data (66%), insufficient data (51%), unusable data form (50%), or labelling issues (28%). Aimino makes AI models function reliably with synthetic data and automated data cleaning. Their AI systems can perform up to 3.75x better and the system error can quickly be reduced by up to 73% using our synthetic data generation tool.


Media and Entertainment | Germany | www.alocai.com

Alocai is the world’s first metaverse localization platform. They integrate custom-designed AI with industry-leading workflows to get localized content to market faster.


Enterprise Software | United Kingdom | physalis.io

Physalis is a video first market research platform. They are pioneers in this space by using a proprietary combination of video analysis, psychology, and data science to get high-quality results. They are the first to first to focus on removing bias from this process. Physalis is cheaper, faster, and smarter.


B2B SaaS/MarTech | USA | viewst.com

Bridging the gap between creative and media teams in the digital ad space. It enables designers, campaign managers, performance marketing managers to collaborate in real-time, scale ad versioning, streamline approvals and go live faster.