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Female Founders – the home for founders, entrepreneurial leaders, investors and operators who are driving an equal future. We work with startups, investors and corporates who believe in creating an equal future through providing equal opportunities for everyone. We are the European leaders driving gender diversity in tech and innovation reaching over 51k people across Europe.

If you have any questions or want to know how you can join us on our mission to create equal opportunities for entrepreneurial women in the European tech and innovation ecosystem, reach out to elisabeth@female-founders.org

Demo Day:

The top early-stage female-led Startups from Europe completed our 3-month investment readiness accelerator – Grow F. Find their pitches and contact information below. Do you have questions or want to be involved in the program?

Reach out to: elisabeth@female-founders.org


B2B Saas | Czech Republic I USA | talkbase.io

Talkbase provides platform and data for community-driven companies. Our platform helps teams save hours a day on manual work while growing their community. With powerful insight and analytics, we give community teams what they need to succeed.


HealthTech | Germany | www.nayu.life

NAYU is a holistic health app based on Ayurveda, the oldest health science in the world. We are using the power of data to recommend our customers customized health programs to prevent illness.


FemTech | Sweden | www.bumpyapp.se

Next generation Fertility Support that improves employee wellbeing. Bumpy helps companies become an inclusive workplace and retain their valued employees by supporting them on their bumpy path to parenthood.


Consumer | UK & Austria | cleannest.co

Cleannest is building the next generation nappy brand. Cleannest is bringing Europe’s most advanced nappies to market by combining category-defining function and fit with the benefits of planet conscious design. Diapers are our way of making a difference for families and our world, one poo at a time.


SaaS | UK & Austria | www.monadd.io

Monadd helps people keep their records up to date when they are relocating home: introducing visibility, control and AI-powered automation for managing address changes, cancellations and interactions with services.


B2B SaaS | UK & UAE | www.emanircs.com

Emani is a platform which alerts clients to social risks before they damage reputation and identifies sustainability opportunities.​ It does so by rapidly and frequently gathering data from real people on the ground and processing this crowd sourced data using automations, AI and predictive analysis.


HR & Talent | Germany | guudcard.com

GuudCard’s vision is to accompany companies on their journey towards sustainability by supporting their employees’ decisions for a sustainable lifestyle. We do this through corporate benefits that are not only good for employees, but also for our planet.


Marketplace | Belgium | www.curvecatch.com

CurveCatch is a sizeless marketplace for undergarments where we match people to bras. We improve both experience through our home-try-on and fit through our intelligent recommendations leveraging ML and computer vision but also human expertise from our experience working in lingerie shops.


B2 SaaS | Austria | www.purency.ai

Purency is an Austrian software company that bundled years of research and expertise in chemical engineering and data analysis in their software solutions for vibrational spectroscopy. The Microplastics Finder, Purency’s flagship product, is a powerful tool based on machine learning and provides a robust and reliable solution to laboratories that analyze microplastics. Laboratories are enabled to recognize type, size and quantity of microplastic particles within minutes – even in complex samples. Furthermore, Purency is actively involved in the standardization of microplastics analysis, well connected with the international microplastics community and also seeks to provide cutting-edge solutions for the data analysis of microplastics – thus, together with laboratories around the world we #makemicroplasticsvisible .