About Female Founders: 

Female Founders – the home for founders, entrepreneurial leaders, investors and operators who are driving an equal future. We work with startups, investors and corporates who believe in creating an equal future through providing equal opportunities for everyone. We are the European leaders driving gender diversity in tech and innovation reaching over 65k people across Europe.

If you have any questions or want to know how you can join us on our mission to create equal opportunities for entrepreneurial women in the European tech and innovation ecosystem, reach out to antonella@female-founders.org

Demo Day:

The top early-stage female-led Startups from Europe completed our 3-month investment readiness accelerator – Grow F. Find their pitches and contact information below. Do you have questions or want to be involved in the program?

Reach out to: antonella@female-founders.org


EduTech | Germany | www.codum.cc

Codum is the first peer-to-peer goal achievement platform for self-directed growth in tech. We connect aspiring techies with an accountability partner to help them overcome the challenges of the tech learning journey and to build learning consistency in today’s fragmented lifelong learning space.


ServiceTech | Germany | aivitex.com

60% of on site visits from frontline workers are unnecessary and a waste of worker’s capacities with regard to the labor shortage. With AIVITEX, companies can conduct digital checks with their customers remotely, provide a fast digital service, optimize staff capacity and generate additional revenue streams. Digital checks can be used i.a. to assess claims, minor repairs, home office compliance, or on-site requirments for charging installations.


TelecomTech | France | www.netwo.io

Netwo offers a SaaS-enabled marketplace of Telecom to Telecom Operators and value-added resellers. Today we address the French market and Telecom products: mobile and fixed data and voice. We are looking for a partner to continue our commercial development in France and to increase our offer coverage


ClimateTech | Switzerland | sustainaccount.com

Sustainaccount empowers real estate project developers and investors with actionable climate information to foster buildings’ resiliency. We leverage AI technology to perform future-oriented scenario analysis and provide specific adaptation measures. This is aligned with the EU Taxonomy and other reporting frameworks.


FemTech | Spain | www.mimark.es

MiMARK is a Womens’ Health company that aim to facilitate gynecological diagnostics. We envision the gynecological fluids a the next step liquid biospy in gynecology.


HealthTech | Germany | www.why-lab.com

whylab is a group-support platform to help people overcome life challenges. whylab combines smart tech and real humans – and is a highly impactful solution in the untackled subclinical health market.


HR Tech | Germany | getnate.io

Nate is a virtual academy for 21st century digital upskilling. We want to bridge the communication gap between business and tech roles, offering cohort-based, gamiefied learning journeys around topics like product management and data analytics. We use latest technologies like No-Code tools or generative AI tools and include necessary soft skills to master the digital transformation, like building resilience or learning how to learn.


B2B/G SaaS, Social Impact | Germany | summ-ai.com

10 million people in Germany are overwhelmed by complicated texts and need easy language to navigate their daily lives. That’s why we at SUMM have developed the “deepL” for easy language: The very first AI-powered tool that automatically translates any complicated text into easy language. Easy language is a defined language with short sentences, simple choice of words, and additional explanations designed to make text understandble for everyone – particularly for people who are excluded from our complicated everyday language due to learning difficulties, educational disadvantages, or because they learn German as a foreign language.


SaaS, Marketplaces | UK | www.zipsale.co.uk

Zipsale is a SaaS platform for second hand resellers that operate across multiple marketplaces (such as eBay, Depop, Vinted, and others).
Our core product automates the process of listing second-hand products to multiple marketplaces and helps to sell second-hand items faster for both professionals and individuals. Our vision is to build a full scale platform offering simple to use, but powerful tools that empower overlooked and not-yet-digitalized category of sellers and bring them to the forefront of the re-commerce.