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Female Founders is the fastest growing community for female entrepreneurial minds in Europe.

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We believe that – in a world facing more challenges than ever – today’s economy and society are forced to change, and that entrepreneurship will play a crucial role in this transformation, just like women.

For us, entrepreneurship is not necessarily about starting or running a business. It’s a state of mind, a principle of life and an approach to dealing with problems. 


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a simple equation:

entrepreneurship + women = the future

“Winner of the Investors Allstars Award 2020 in the category Tech4Good.” 

“Grow F by Female Founders is one of Europe’s highest ranked accelerators for female founders.”

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How do we do it?

Base F

Base F is the only community for female entrepreneurial minds you need to join. You’ll get regular updates on everything about entrepreneurial leadership & establishing your own company, invitations to meet Europe’s leading founders, startup executives & investors and access to knowledge that accelerates your growth.

Grow F

Grow F helps female-led ventures to become investment-ready. Our program unites everything you need to reach your goals: deep dive sessions with industry-leading experts, individual support from experienced mentors and access to Europe’s most successful early stage investors. 

Lead F

Lead F helps female employees to become entrepreneurial leaders. Our program unites everything you need to manage teams and organizations in this fast-changing world: deep dive sessions with C-level startup executives, access to a resource base to foster your entrepreneurial mindset and insights into different industries. 

Who we’ve worked with 

Female Founders x Atelier Karasinski

Check out our very own Female Founders product collection! This line includes 6 t-shirts and 3 sweaters which are all unisex and 3 tote bags. Not only can you now rep your fav community for entrepreneurial minds, but you can also promote gender equality in style. All of our 11 products are the result of a collaboration with Atelier Karasinski. 

We want to bring awareness to the fact that giving men and women equal opportunities is important, it is something we need to talk about and something people should be proud of supporting. This is a movement that needs the support of everyone, and our unisex clothing items reflect that.


Selecting Europe’s most promising female-led startups

Selecting Europe's most promising female-led startups After only 2,5 years, we proudly look back on five successful cohorts of our startup accelerator, Grow F. The program is now represented by 59 alumni from 16 countries in 12 different industries. Grow F is the...

Our Consulting Approach

Our Consulting Approach   From the very start of our organization, we have always used the motto “keep it meaningful”. With everything we do we are focused on making a meaningful impact. For example, by helping female led ventures get funding (Grow F) or helping...

How Not to Hire Female Talent

How to not hire female talent It’s no secret that there is a big difference in the number of men and women present in the workforce. In 2019 the gender employment gap in Europe was 11.97 percent, and because we know that the COVID-19 crisis has disproportionately...

Wondering if a leadership accelerator is right for you? Learn what the participants of our last batch have to say about the program

  Wondering if a leadership accelerator is right for you? Learn what the participants of our last batch have to say about Lead F Everything we do at Female Founders is guided by the fact that we need more women in the field of tech and innovation. We are...

Diversity and Inclusion – all the whys & hows you have to know

Diversity and Inclusion – all the whys & hows you have to know Diversity and Inclusion is an increasingly popular topic in the world of tech and innovation. From large corporations to startups and accelerator programs to VCs and other investors, there is a lot of...

Female Founders Summer Must Haves

  Female Founders Summer Must Haves As today is July 1st we can officially say we are well into summer, the second best time of year (behind christmas of course 😉). The past few months at Female Founders have been a whirlwind of exciting events, big growth and...

How we sourced the startups for Grow F Batch #5

Our path from sourcing to selecting Europe's most promising female-led startups. Grow F   Our Grow F program is one of the top-ranked startup accelerators for female founders in Europe. We are providing female-led ventures with the necessary tools to get...

8 Expert Tips for B2B Marketing

8 Expert Tips for B2B Marketing We hosted an Everything About session in partnership with Atomico where Terese Hougaard talked about different strategies and tactics for B2B marketing. In case you missed it, here is a summary of the main takeaways!  Everything About...

How to Tackle Brand Building as an Early Stage Startup: Advice from Jung von Matt Branding Experts

  How to tackle brand building as an early stage startup: advice from Jung von Matt branding experts  Here are the main points from our Everything About session with branding experts Florian Rock and Selina Holesinsky, experts from Jung von Matt Donau. As always,...

Female Founders Ambassadors Network

Introducing The Female Founders Ambassadors Network Female Founders is the European network for female entrepreneurial minds. To foster this network we currently offer different (online) events, an investment readiness accelerator, and a leadership accelerator for...

Female Founders Team Gift Guide

  Female Founders Team Gift Guide Finally!! The holiday season is upon us and to say all of us here at Female Founders are excited is an understatement. Our fav songs of the season are playing in all of our home offices, we are pulling out the cookie recipes and...

Who are the Professionals Applying to Lead F?

  Who are the Professionals Applying to Lead F?   Lead F Basics Lead F is our accelerator program for individuals who want to improve their leadership skills and develop their entrepreneurial mindset. At Female Founders we believe women in entrepreneurial...

How We Are Sourcing the Startups We Are Working With

How We Are Sourcing the Startups We Are Working With Grow F  Our Grow F program is one of the top-ranked startup accelerators for female founders in Europe. The program is designed to provide female-led ventures with the tools they need to become investor-ready. Over...

How to Master Family and Startup Life?!

How to Master Family and Startup Life?! Juggling all of the tasks that come along with building a startup is no simple feat. Adding family into the mix can sometimes make it feel like you are trying to do the impossible. Being a female entrepreneur trying to perfectly...

Vienna: Europe’s Female Entrepreneurship Hub

        7 Reasons Why Vienna is the European Capital of Female Entrepreneurship More and more we are seeing women enter the world of entrepreneurship. Slowly but surely, women all across the world are stepping up to close the gap between men and...

Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. 2021

Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. 2021 Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. 2021 is Europe’s biggest online event honoring International Women’s Day, hosted by Female Founders. The annual flagship event, brought to you by the fastest growing community for female entrepreneurial...

Sitar Teli, Connect Ventures

This months Chief Inspiration Officer of the month is Sitar Teli, who caught our attention with the quote that “in VC, nobody knows anything”. We have launched the “CIO of the month” series to shine a light on personalities in tech we admire and who share insights...

Key Takeaways from Everything About: New Work with Creandum

A recap of our latest online Everything About, discussing the New Work with Ines Streimelweger & Staffan Helgesson from Creandum

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